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Our Singular Focus: Your Business, Moving Forward

Deeptree protects your workplace technology from unrelenting cyber criminals, mishaps... and even Mother Nature, keeping your business safe, secure, and moving forward.

Protecting Your
Data & Technology

Imagine losing access to your critical data and business systems. Documents. Financials. Customer data. All the information assets and technology essential to running your business. Serving your customers is either wiped out or under someone else’s control. The impact could be disastrous.

Defense. Recovery. Resiliency.

Deeptree has three service offerings to keep your business running through thick and thin. Think defense, recovery, and resiliency. The very elements of stability applied to technology.

Defense: Ironwood

  • Advanced firewalling, protection & healing
  • Data file and traffic monitoring to identify and respond to security events
  • Proactive stewardship of network activity and protection against external & internal threats
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Recovery: Castle Mountain

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Tested, Reliable Data Backup & Restoration
  • Execute a Disaster Recovery Plan
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Resilience: Capstone Engineering & Consulting

  • Enterprise Architecture – holistic risk containment throughout the entire technical infrastructure
  • Project Management – risk containment for timelines, budgets, and outcome delivery
  • Business Resiliency – development of anti-fragile programs within the client’s organization
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Deeptree's seasoned experts focus solely on business continuity, disaster recovery, and network security to deliver peace of mind through protection and stewardship of your workplace technology environment and unique vulnerabilities, Deeptree crafts and implements a protection plan that you and your customers can count on.